Replace Madladz with Saga owners

authorYung Peso
networkSolana, Base

Proposal Summary

XIP-24 proposes a minor revision to XIP-21 by changing the airdrop to Solana users from Mad Lads holders to Saga owners.



Following recent discussions on XIP-21, a reconsideration of which crypto communities should recieve an airdrop is warranted. The changes proposed are: 

  1. Remove the Mad Lads airdrop allocation from XIP-21. 
  2. Grant the GP allocation to Saga Owners.


Targeted airdrops attempt to make existing communities join other project’s community in return for a reward. Airdropping to Madlads holders is a suboptimal choice because of the collection size in comparison to Saga owners (9,967 vs 17,300). This allows us to reach a broader group of people.

Furthermore, sybils and whales getting outsized GP allocations from this proposed airdrop is less of a concern due to the physical restraint of owning the Saga device in order to acquire the NFTs.

Technical Specification

A snapshot of Saga owners has been taken here.

19,895,000 GP will be distributed to these addresses. This is approximately 3.3% of the total GP supply and around 0.1% of the total supply. Wrapped GP will be distributed to a user's Solana address, and users can unwrap it by bridging it to Base. 

This results in an allocation of 1,150 GP per NFT (17,300 Genesis NFTs were minted).


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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