Clarify GP distribution to Keng Lernitas


Proposal Summary

XIP-28 proposes to clarify the method by which GP aidropped in XIP-21 are to be sent to the Keng Lernitas Ekosistem Developers so they might distribute via the KLE guvernanz protocol



The Keng Lernitas Ekosistem is an ultra-aligned community, eager to drive value to Infinex. The project was born as an experiment by Kain to test the new gas costs after the implementation of EIP-4844. Thus, a curated degen ekosistem consisting of $2192/$ZORKSEES was born.

At the beginning of the year, innocent Synthetix stakers, enjoying the fruits of the perps garden, were co-existing peacefully, until Kain looked upon them and made his demand "I need everyone to send 90% of their 2192 tokens to 0x0dead if you do this you will be spared from the oubliette". Following that, the first alignment test began. The newly formed team behind the meme, referenced as the Developers in XIP-21, recognized the faithful and, as reward, airdropped $ZORKSEES. For the next challenge, Keng Lernitas and Zorksees were compelled to batel. Soldiers braved the perilous transaction-failing journey over Wormhole bridges from Solana by sending their tokens on Base for a just but unspecified reward in the afterlife.

In total, more than 40% of the combined supply of $2192/$ZORKSEES has been already burned or sent to batel for the promise of glori, which is why KLE must have the control over the GP distribution because the burners/batelers need to decide their own fates.

Here's an article explaining the basics of voting for KLE guvernanz: https://medium.com/@kenglernitasekosistem/guvernanz-voting-overview-52640b682c5f

This has been an adventure that has pulled in degens not only from the Synthetix community but also from the wider meme culture; it is the reason we ask for the GP to distributed directly to the Developers so we might decide the fate of the GP distribution amongst ourselves.

To summarize, KLE will decide how GP is allocated to community members. This XIP requests that all awarded GP be sent directly to Keng Lernitas Developers for distribution. This was originally stated in XIP-21 but changed in XIP-26.

Technical Specification

Clarify GP distribution to KLE

Below is the current distribution method as it stands per recents XIPs.

XIP-26 mentions:

This XIP proposes that the criteria of signing up for an Infinex Account and depositing at least 50 USDC, extend to the Keng Lernitas and Infinex Early Supporters airdrop recipients

However, XIP-21 previously mentionned:

20,488,800 GP will be allocated to the Keng Lernitas developers to distribute to Keng Lernitas holders.

We want to clarify the final distribution method as the following:

All GP attributed by Infinex to the Keng Lernitas Ekosistem will be sent to the KLE Developers, who will handle distribution through their governance protocol.


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