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Proposal Summary

This proposal aims to create a comprehensive process for managing Infinex Infrastructure and Services (IIS). It augments WGC-3 and creates a framework with which to categorise each IIS.



Each IIS will be assigned a status:

Strategically Valuable | Non-critical | Under Review | Unreviewed

Strategically Valuable - This category must be managed directly by the Council or delegated to the Infrastructure Working Group.

Non-critical - This category has been reviewed by the Council and determined to not require direct Council ownership and oversight.

Under Review - Currently being reviewed by the Council and will be assigned a status of Strategically Valuable or Non-critical.

Unreviewed - The Council has been notified but has yet to review.

The Infinex Council will maintain an IIS list; this list will contain a status for each tracked service as well as other meta-data. New IIS may be provisioned as needed by each working group to fulfil their obligations to the Infinex Council. Funding will come from the WG budget. Each working group is required to notify the Council if they are testing or deploying a new IIS so that the Council can update the IIS list and track the usage of this IIS by the WG. Each IIS will be monitored by the Council and their statuses will be updated as required. If an IIS is determined by the Council to be Strategically Valuable the ownership and billing of this service will be transitioned to the Council within fourteen days of the notification of the change of status. The Council may choose to delegate the management of the IIS to the Infrastructure Working Group.


There is currently no comprehensive list of infrastructure and services used by the Council and Working groups. Nor is there a definition or categorisation of services and infrastructure within the Project. Some services are maintained by the Infrastructure Working Group on behalf of the Council, some are provisioned by Working Groups as needed on an ad hoc basis. This unstructured approach reduces the oversight of the Infinex Council over Working Groups. It also reduced the ability for collaboration across Working Groups, as each WG may have different instances of the same IIS.

Technical Specification

The metadata contained in the IIS list is below:

IIS Name

IIS Status: (see above for statuses)

Environment: (Production or Development)

Billing Account/ Payment Method:

Owner/SuperAdmin Account:

Monthly Cost:

Seats Allocated:

Control of all Strategically Valuable IIS will be maintained via a password vault deployment, this deployment will be part of the Strategically Valuable IIS.

The Council will delegate the Operations Seat to manage and oversee the password vault account (the IIS Manager), disaster recovery mechanisms will be designed to enable recovery of the account should the IIS Manager be incapacitated. The IIS Manager will have authority from the Council to assign and revoke seats to each IIS managed at their discretion with input from the rest of the Council.

Deployment and management of IIS that have been designated Production Environments will be restricted to the Council and the Infrastructure Working Group. Production deployment pipelines will be managed via the RC process. Core WG will have full access to the development environments.

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